Friday, November 03, 2006


Animated Trailer - A Space Story.

An animated adventure of enlightenment...5 Min. Trailer
Thought provoking audio interviews from some of todays most brillant and respected military investigators,scientists and physicists. If the Ministry of Defence is curious about UFO's and abductions then perhaps we should sit up and take notice!
Where do UFO's come from and what do they want? How many different groups are coming
here and are there agendas different? Where can you go to for help and why you?
Are UFO's using Black Holes to travel the vast distances of space? Have they harnessed 0 Point Energy as an power source?

Animated with Mojo World Animator, an advanced computer graphics software to create our still images of UFO's, exoctic worlds and outer space animations.
93 visually stunning CG images. Compelling soundtrack.

Perhaps by expanding our imagination the truth won't seem so strange.
Based on interviews by Al May.
Narrated by:Nick Pope-Dept. of Defence,John Hutchison-Scientist,Stanton Friedman-Nuclear Physicist & Alex Agnew-Physicist.

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It never happened. You saw light bouncing off a strut. And you're not to talk about this with anybody, d'you hear me you little pissant?

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