Friday, September 29, 2006


BREAKING EVEN - Rob Szabo - Animated Music Video

"This is Cal's Ben Hur(so far...). People said it couldn't be done. They said no one does 2D hand-drawn animation anymore ... not even the big studios. Done with his team of 4 animators, this Disney-esque mini-epic was took several years and many thousands of (hu)man-hours of animation time to complete. It combines a refreshingly un-ironic viewpoint with cutting edge animation techniques (combining 2D & 3D animation in the same shot??--has this ever been done?) to produce an undeniably beautiful and innocent story that makes me smile so hard it hurts. Suffice it to say; I'm a big fan."

Director-Cal Brunker
Lead Animator-Matt Whelan
Backgrounds-Jasper Kidd
Animator-Diane Le Feyer

Rob Szabo's Myspace


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