Friday, August 12, 2005


Lead singer & guitarist Willem Hartong is pleased to announce the initial release of Breaking Laces new full-length album, Lemonade! Lemonade is in our hands and is available online at CDBABY!

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This is Breaking Laces' 3rd CD and they are starting to attract a very strong following. Love their music and I won't be surprised if they make it "big" soon one day.


DARKNET - Hollywood's War Against The Digital Generation-By J.D. LASICA
A new book that offers first-person accounts of how the personal media revolution will impact movies, music, computing, television and games. Released May 2005.

A MUST READ for all the independent artists, animators, musicians, comic creators, internet talents and filmmakers in our generation - the digital generation. Take a look at what's really happening before our very eyes and listen to J.D. Lasica's insight on the "New Digital Renaissance" and personal independent media creativity.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Superfriend's Spoof - Budweiser Commerical

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Plumber - Directed by Richard Rosenman.

Click onto the site. On the left side is a listing of button links-scroll down to the button that says PLUMBER and click to open the page. There is a download button for viewing the film.


SIGGRAPH 2005 /Los Angeles

Disaster The Movie From Dream Entertainment - Directed by Roy Wood.
I picked up one of the Disaster flyers/magnets from the San Diego Comic Con. I love stop-motion so you can bet your horses that I will check this film out when it comes out into the theatres next year. I don't mean to compare it to "Team America," but it looks to be pretty funny from the trailer.

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"The Zit, written, produced and directed by Disney veteran Mike Blum, is a zero budget but feature film quality computer animated short. The film is a labor of love from over 70 professional Disney animators who worked on it over the past three years as an after hours project. Freed from concerns about family friendly content, everyone gave up lunch hours, nights and weekends to create a comedic gross out story with heart. "

-excerpt from the Zit Movie Website

Click Here For The Website

This was selected to showcase at the Siggraph 2005. I had a chance to see it on the big screen, great looking film and enjoyable to watch. Mike only has the trailer on his website, so you will have to catch his film at one of the film festivals.


YKK commercial produced by Dentsu Company.

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Animation/Internet Culture/Music

Just another link from the old cartoonmogul archive. WEEE! from is an animated music video that seems to be a hit with internet surfers. It was one of the popular links, for those who have not seen it--check it out.

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Internet Culture

Milk and Cereal Music Videos - This was a pretty catchy tune and short film that was circulating around the net last year. I posted on the old cartoonmogul site and thought I would blog it again--it is still fun to watch.


Tim Burton's TV Spot from A BAND APART.

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Artist James Paterson's website is a journey in itself. With a combination of interactive art pieces and musical animated interludes(click on #16 & 17). I really love his style and website presentation for his work - each number corresponds to a different set of visuals.

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Looking for song parodies? This site has a bunch of Top 40 songs for your listening pleasure. You may spend some time clicking the different songs-- when you're bored.

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"YO HOMEBOY Mastermix dot org is an ongoing project. The goal is personal - to encode all my hip hop and soul mixtapes into MP3 format so that I can listen to them again easily using today's technology. These are mostly London pirate radio recordings from the mid 1980s - an exciting and innovative era in our radio history. " -excerpt from Mix

AWKWARD - Animated by Cesar Kuriyama.

One of the selections for the Siggraph Animation Screening. I had the pleasure of seeing this on the large screen at Siggraph last week - funny short.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Internet Culture

Graffiti Analysis--

"Graffiti Analysismakes visible the unseen movements of graffiti writers in the creation of a tag. Motion tracking, computer vision technology and a custom C++ application are used to record and analyze a graffiti writer’s pen movement over time. These gestures are processed and used to produce algorithmically generated digital projections which appear at night in motion on the surfaces of buildings in New York City. Relationships are created between analogue and digital graffiti styles, forming a link between traditional graffiti, experimental street art and new media. Graffiti is re-presented in the language of information analysis, offering a system for greater understanding of a highly coded form of creative expression. "
- text from the website
Click here for the short movie:

Click here for the website:
Internet Culture

A series of short films for This Calls For 118 118 campaign. Interesting clips.

Skary Girl-Childrin R Skary website

If you're into gothic cartoons, here's one for you to take a look at--click around the site. The little Skary movies are on the movie link.

Internet Culture


Skateboarding short film - cool little piece also has an animated intro at the beginning of the film. Pretty X-treme!

Monday, August 08, 2005


On August 9th 2005 at 6PM PT and 9PM EST, an "online meet and greet chatroom mixer" will be hosted by Skwigly Animation Magazine website in collaboration with . We plan to meet online the second Tuesday of each month with a mission to network and create a dialogue among indie animators/comic creators from all over the world.