Monday, August 23, 2004

World Cartoon Conference (hereinafter, called “WCC”) is considered as the summit of animation and comic industry and art of the largest scale. During 3-6 October 2004, the 6th session will be staged in Beijing, China. It will be the first time for WCC come to mainland China. Most famous cartoonists and cartoon organizations all over the world have determined to attend this conference, and authoritative media will report on the conference all around.

The Organizing Committee will absorb the experience of the former conferences and make this conference a global cartoon festival covering every aspect of cartoon circle, in order to provide a communication stage of highest level and largest scale for international cartoonists and cartoon organizations.

With the theme of “Comic and Nationality Nature in 21st Century”, there are following eye-catching events: 2004 Animation and Comic Industry Exposition, International Master Cartoonists’ Original Artwork Exhibition, 2004 International Animation and Comic Creation Competition, China International Animation and Comic Industry Forum, World Cosplay Party, and other related activities. The scale of the conference will exceed previous sessions, and there will be about 300 domestic and foreign cartoonists and experts, thousands of delegates of animation and comic industry, as well as about 200,000 audiences participating in the conference, forming an integrated operational mode that combines academic studies, exhibition, trade, business negotiation, creation competition, and audience celebration.

The conference will meet the 55th Anniversary of China and the one-week National Holiday, so it can be predicted that it will be an unprecedented animation and comic festival.
Date: October 3-6th, 2004
Place: Beijing International Conference Center


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